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Chris Bennett is widely recognized as one of the foremost authorities on the history of cannabis, having written dozens of articles in Cannabis CultureHigh Times, and other magazines as well as three books dealing with the subject; Green Gold the Tree of Life: Marijuana in Magic and Religion (Access Unlimited, 1995), Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible (Forbidden Fruit Publishing, 2001) and Cannabis and the Soma Solution (TrineDay, 2010) and contributing chapters on cannabis history for anthologies such as,  ‘Psychedelics ReImagined’ (1998); ‘The Pot Book’ (2010); ‘Entheogens and the Development of Culture (2013); The Anthropology and Neurobiology’ (2013); ‘Seeking the Sacred with Psychoactive Substances’ (2014).

Bennett has identified evidence for a religious role for cannabis in a variety of ancient and modern religions, such as Hinduism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Taoism, but his work regarding evidence in the Bible regarding the use of cannabis by both the ancient Jews and Christians has received the most attention. More recently Bennet has been working in video, and making documentaries with interviews from a variety of academics and authors who have written about the role of cannabis in history.

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